The Fortifiers

a 3 bottle collection of fortified wines

Framboise 2017

Consistently awarded 'Top Fortified Wine' this vintage does not disappoint. Liquid Raspberry heaven. 4Ever.

Sinful with dark chocolate indulgences. Flourless chocolate raspberry brownies, warmed slightly, and served with a dallop of Devonshire cream.

Cassis 2017

Colds would be extinct if every-one wisened up and realized Cassis puts the 'C' in Vitamin C. 

Unleash your inner Tom Cruise (circa Cocktail) and pour the most divine Kir Royal, vodka martini's or go Naked Chef and serve with frozen grapes and local cheese.

Stellaport (NV - final release)

The grand finale to our drop dead sexy solera-aged fortified

wine program, this release is representative of the last bottles in the pyramid … a truly special wine 15 years in the making. Crafted using the Spanish technique of solera, the oldest component wine in Stellaport was produced in 2001. Like each year in our circus, each subsequent year of production, 2001 through 2015, brings incredible layering of flavor. Extended oak aging produces notes of chocolate, butterscotch and never-ending notes of cherry. Deadly with dark chocolate indulgences, strong cheeses and cigars? Your call…

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The Fortifiers
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