Spring Cider Collection

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A 6 bottle collection of Cider Maker's Select that includes...


2 x Hopricot Cider 750 ml bottles:

(dry hopped apricot and apple)

Happily hoppy, apricot piqued, round, ripe and fresh.
Gives you the apricot-juice-dripping-from-your-chin
sensation of summertime on the cusp.


2 x Currant Event Cider 750 ml bottles

(apple and black currant)

Black currant highs, apple lows, fresh-picked-off-the-bush 

kind of fruit, perfectly balanced by a puckery kind of 

dry. A tail-feather troubadour, a swishy, swaggering
peacock kinda' cider!


2 x Wild Blue Yonder Cider 750 ml bottles
(apple and blueberry)
Proprietary blend of Naramata-grown apples co-fermented
with the wildest, most concentrated organically grown
blueberries. The wildest, the bluest and the best cider

to get yourself lost in.

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Spring Cider Collection
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