Reserve Cab Franc 2017

86% Cab Franc, The Peanut Farm VY

14% Merlot, Sideshow Hill VY

Out of the ashes of the 2017 vintage (the flood to fire year) rose this stunning phoenix: opulent in ripe and juicy red fruit, spiced with just enough clove and anise and aged to a ravishing, exciting beauty. This is Stevie Nicks Witchy Woman.



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Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes
2017 was in many ways parallels to the 2013 vintage, requiring judicious canopy management and rigorous attention to vineyard condition. The year began with record breaking rain, producing excessive growth in the vineyard and flooding Lake Okanagan and our creek and river systems like never before. Beginning July, from rains and floods the switch was flicked to high heat and 0 precipitation. Almost immediately fires and smoke from all corners of the Valley hit. When harvest commenced, yield was down approx. 20% compared to average, but with trade off of exceptional quality in juice.
Production Notes
From the magic series. Judiciously tasted and tracked from grape to bottle, these 6 barrels capture the confluence of micro-scale miracles, from vineyard to cellar, that come together to produce magical wine.
Food Pairing Notes
Enjoy with roast duck ... maybe a little coffee and cherry infused duck breast (if you would like to get fancy) or a rack of BBQ lamb ribs gently massaged with greek spice.
Wine Specs
Reserve Cab Franc 2017
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